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About the School

About Our School

A middle school is a school designed to aid in the transition from being a child to becoming an adult.  Our middle school contains grade levels 6-8 (approximately ages 10-14).  Middle schools help students get through the tough years -- years where their bodies are changing, along with their attitudes, and their outlooks.  Hopefully, because of the unique design of middle schools, adolescent years will be better than expected. 

Jessie Clark maintains several of the programs and ideas of an exemplary middle school.  We teach on teams, giving students a sense of belonging.  We have exploratory classes, such as Family and Consumer Sciences, Computer training, Technology Education, Physical Education, two Foreign Languages, and a variety of music classes, all of which are very important to an adolescent's school career.    We have a School-Based Decision Making Council that helps to make very important decisions concerning our school. This committee consists of three teachers, two parents, and our principal.  Our school is also very student-centered. All the employees of Jessie Clark are very much committed to the success of your children!  

Our Mission

Jessie Clark Middle School prepares every student for life-long learning in a safe and welcoming environment.