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NTI Days

Snow day vs. NTI weather day

  • A snow day means school is closed (no school activities). Snow days will be made up/added to the calendar.

  • NTI counts as a school day. No days will need to be made up/added to the calendar.

The Fayette County Public Schools district office will announce which type of weather day we will have.

NTI Days

  • There is no live instruction or “classes” students need to attend via Google Meet.

  • Each teacher has an NTI link on their Canvas home page with the day’s assignment and their Google Meet link.

  • Students may work at their own pace to complete their work; however, each teacher will be available via Google Meet from 10:30am - 12:30pm to help or answer questions.

  • Signing into Google Meet is optional for students.

  • Students have three days to complete their assignments for credit.  (Example:  If we have an NTI day on a Monday, work is due on Thursday.)

  • Students who fail to complete their assignments will be counted as “not participating” which is the equivalent of being absent.

District Resources: 

Tech Support 

Help Desk: (859) 381-HELP (4357)

FCPS Weather Guidelines